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Style is Everything in Microsoft® Word®

Style is Everything in Microsoft Word

A Handbook of Time-Saving Techniques for Formatting Complex Documents* and Other Practical Tips

* Books, Manuals, Pleadings, Legal Documents, Dissertations, Screenplays, Proposals and the Like

by Mary P. McArthur

Not everyone uses Microsoft Word and not everyone who does needs such a book, though if you know folk who do, please check this out.

Complex documents, such as books, legal documents, manuals, proposals, directories, dissertations and the like, can use a variety of headings, paragraph numbers, headers, footers and page numbers.  They can emphasize key words and phrases.  They can include automation elements, such as tables of contents, authorities and figures; footnotes and endnotes; cross-references; and indexes.

In Microsoft Word, style is everything … well, a lot, anyway.  Styles enable consistent, easy-to-apply and flexible formatting and they link formatting with automation elements.  Learning how to use these features can save you time while ensuring professional-looking documents.

Most of this handbook focuses on these styles and automation elements.  The rest includes a potpourri of suggestions for configuring your default settings, creating shortcuts, cleaning up material from other sources and standardizing document designs within an office.

Table of Contents

The handbook is in landscape, two-column format, comb-bound and was created using most of the features discussed.  The left side of over 200 pages describes Microsoft Word features and provides step-by-step instructions for their use.  On the right are document and template samples, screenshots of the elements mentioned on the left, abbreviated steps, tips and more.  Many of the screenshots are from Microsoft Word 2010 and functioning remains similar in ensuing versions.  For Word for Mac users, the menus/ribbons are different, though many dialog boxes and the functioning are similar to the Windows version.

Style is Everything in Microsoft Word


The handbook is available on Amazon.  (When searching, use "Style is Everything", "Microsoft Word style" or my name for this book to show up right away.)

The retail price is $39.95 plus $3.99 shipping: $43.94.

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